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Data Intelligence Ready for Launch!

Matchbook AI has been selected by the Catalyst Accelerator team for the #HybridDataMovement 

cohort! Matchbook AI will be among eight companies participating in the three-month program.


The Catalyst Accelerator is powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate and works closely with the US Space Force (USSF), Combatant Command operators, strategic decision makers, and tactical users that need strategic data capabilities.

We Connect Enterprises to External Data Sources for
Real-Time Decisions

Matchbook AI is the only just-in-time data smart
solution for a new age of business intelligence.

How much time does your team spend manually integrating, cleansing and mastering data? 

Each year, industry is losing billions of dollars to bad data – from wasted resources used to data mastering of unmastered third-party data to fall-out of data that is inaccurate, redundant or missing. 


Matchbook AI provides seamless integration of data and cross-referencing to multiple providers, raising data quality to the next level. Our service resolves company identity, creates a master dataset, builds a complete picture and helps our customers stay current. 

The cost of bad data is an astonishing

15% to 25%
of revenue for most companies.

Abstract Background

The Data Management Journey starts with mastering data.

of the data from those who use it 

with which the data is used

that saves time and resources

Matchbook AI is the only data solution for driving intelligent business.Our transformational reference data as a service (RDaaS) platform resides between a customer’s enterprise data systems and third-party data sources.

This approach empowers companies with trusted data for impactful business initiatives and strategic decision-making. We take enterprise data, like vendor lists or customer records, and integrate it with third-party verifiers, including sources like Moody’s and Dun & Bradstreet.

Our proprietary process enables customers to combine data from multiple disparate sources connecting them into a single pane of glass to ensure intelligent, actionable data.  Customers are empowered to connect to their data with the confidence it’s trusted and mastered, discover the intelligence within and manage with sound stewardship.


Going beyond trusted data, we view the rigor of compliance as a necessary next step in the data management journey. Learn more.

We are obsessed by how data can be gathered, mastered, enriched and stewarded for intelligence. And how data can be used to protect global business through focused compliance. We’ve worked with databases and business intelligence a long time. 


Our customers diverse, from all corners of industry. They are data agnostic, with basically all types of data and strategic outcomes being addressed. We see it all

Since 2021, we’ve also seen 300% growth in our customer base the past two years, with 85% of customers ranking in the FORTUNE 150.

”Matchbook gives D&B data solid, strong input matches. Now we can give business owners the ability to be hands-on with the tool. They’re the ones who know what they want”


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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